Step 1: Login | Step 2: Create Search | Step 3: View Results | Step 4: Printing and Saving


Step 1: Login

Log in using email address and password.

PeerComps Login


Once logged in, you will be directed to the search criteria page. The intuitive yet powerful search interface allows the user the ability to search multiple criteria simultaneously and view the summarized data in real time. For instance, let’s assume you are searching for comparable transactions for a franchised sub shop located in California. Your search process may look like the following:

Sample Search Criteria 1 – you click the NAICS Industry “tree” called Restaurants/Lodging. Immediately you see there are 512 transactions in the database under this primary industry classification. The NAICS Industry “tree” then expands and shows all of the NAICS codes in this primary industry classification.

NAICS Codes (Categories)

Sample Search Criteria 2 – since you are looking for franchised “sub” shops, you now click on Limited Service Restaurants – NAICS 722211. Immediately the summary page shows that 304 limited service restaurants are available.

Limited Service Restaurants NAICS 722211

Sample Search Criteria 3 – now let’s drill down the search criteria even further and add a requirement for all limited service restaurants in California with revenue between $250,000 and $750,000. Now the summary page shows only 12 comparable transactions in the database.

Limited Service Restaurants in California

Sample Search Criteria 4 – if you want to take it one step further, you could now enter in a keyword. Let’s use “franchise”. Once the keyword is entered, the database now shows 9 franchised limited service restaurants in California with revenue between $250,000 and $750,000.

franchised limited service restaurants in California

Keyword Only Search

You can use the keyword filter to search with only a keyword. You can aslo use the keyword search to look up a NAICS code that you already know to search the business comparables.

Keyword Only Search

Step 3: View Results

Once you are comfortable with the number of comps and search criteria, you will now click “get results” and be directed to the individual transactions. You now have the ability to view the transactions in a summarized table or “mouse over” individual transactions to see more detail. You would then choose which transactions to use, print or export.

PeerComps Business Comparables Transaction Results

PeerComps Business Comparables Details

Transaction results can be further filtered by un-selecting the checkbox in the right hand column. As you un-select a comparable, the Summary Data updates automatically.

Transactions Filtering


Step 4: Printing and Saving

Once you have chosen each individual transaction, you now have the ability to print in PDF form or export to Excel. You also have the ability to save your search, which would be saved in your PeerComps Workspace for future use if needed.

PDF Output

PeerComps Business Comparables PDF Output


Excel Output

PeerComps Business Comparables Excel Output


Saving Your Search

To save your search, type a descriptive name in the text box and click "Save Search".

PeerComps Business Comparables Save Search

Your search is saved to your "My Workspace". Saved searches list the date and time in addition to the name. You can also print your results from your Workspace.

PeerComps Business Comparables Saved Searches

To modify an existing search select it from your Workspace and click on the "Modify Search" link. This will return you to the "Create Search" page where you can modify your criteria and filters. Once revised select "Get Results" and you will be presented with a modified search.

PeerComps Business Comparables Modify Search

To save a copy of the modified search, update the Search Name text box and click "Create Copy". Note: If you select "Save Search" your existing search will be overwritten.

PeerComps Business Comparables Save Copy Search

After creating a copy you can view both of the saved searches in the Workspace.

PeerComps Business Comparables My Workspace